Managed Email Security

Hosted Microsoft Exchange delivers all of the power and features of in-house Microsoft Exchange without the hassle and cost of managing your servers. Our Hosted Exchange provides enterprise-class reliability for email security and management, actively ensuring the security, compliance, and availability of electronic communications while helping customers simplify the administration of their messaging environment. With INFO-TEK’s Hosted Exchange Service, everyone in your company can access secure email messages and calendar appointments on demand—no matter where they work, what country they live in, or how they access the internet.

Our premier hosted exchange services ensure a seamless, secure email environment, positioning us as your trusted hosted email provider. By choosing INFO-TEK, you benefit from unparalleled reliability and performance, keeping your team connected and productive with a robust, secure email platform. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that your communication tools are not just tools but strategic assets, enhancing collaboration and safeguarding your business’s digital communication channels. Contact INFO-TEK today to learn more about our managed email security services.