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We manage your technology, so you can focus on your business

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For 23 years, hundreds of businesses like yours have trusted INFO-TEK to keep their data secure and systems operating.

INFO-TEK has been one of Kansas City’s most valued Provider of IT Services & IT Support and we have helped our clients focus on what matters most, growing their businesses.

INFO-TEK manages your technology, so you can focus on your business.

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The world of technology can be fast-paced and scary. That's why our goal is to provide an experience that is tailored to your company's needs. No matter the budget, we pride ourselves on providing professional IT Support & IT Services. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.

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Wheel for Managed IT Services

What is Managed IT Services?

Simply put, Managed IT Services is a way of outsourcing the management of the technology you use to keep your business running. At INFO-TEK, our teams of engineers tackle your end-user support issues, work with your vendors on your behalf, and ensure your overall IT strategy is outlined, budgeted, and aligns with your company’s growth plans.

At INFO-TEK, we have a variety of Managed IT Services offerings to meet each client’s own support needs. Some clients choose to outsource some needs and maintain other tools in-house. Some clients outsource all technology operations. Wherever you’re at in your company’s evolution, we can help provide an ongoing management solution that’s right for you.


Wheel for Cybersecurity Services


Small businesses are often less equipped to prevent or overcome cyberattacks due to having smaller IT budgets and fewer resources.

This can allow data theft to go undetected and delay the recovery from hackers’ infiltration of your network, which can result in substantial downtime and cost thousands of dollars in damages.

INFO-TEK specializes in the planning, implementation, auditing, monitoring, and management of your IT infrastructure. We take a proactive approach to your business’s safety that repels cyberattacks and keeps hackers out of your network. This includes round-the-clock monitoring to detect suspicious behavior in real-time before data theft can occur.

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